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            核心提示: 红米系列手机已经进入第5代了,此前小米已经发布了全面屏手机红米5和红米5 Plus,红米5A等产品也早已经亮相,唯一缺席的就是红米Note5了。The red ri...


          红米系列手机已经进入第5代了,此前小米已经发布了全面屏手机红米5和红米5 Plus,红米5A等产品也早已经亮相,唯一缺席的就是红米Note5了。The red rice series mobile has entered the fifth generation. After that, Xiaomi has released the full screen mobile phone red rice 5 and red rice 5 Plus, and the red rice 5A products have already appeared. The only exception is red rice Note5.



            红米Note 4X发布于2017年2月,按照时间段来看,时隔一年,红米Note 5的确有点姗姗来迟了。Red rice Note 4X was released in February 2017. According to the time period, a year later, red rice Note 5 was a little late.



            日前,国外爆料大神Slashleaks再Twitter上曝光了一张红米Note5的真机图,从曝光的图片来看,这款手机背面依然采用了红米家族常见的三段式机身设计,不过惊喜的是,双摄也在这款手机上出现了。The day before, the foreign god Slashleaks broke Twitter exposure of a red rice Note5 real machine diagram, from the exposure of the picture, the back of the mobile phone is still using the three body design of red rice common family, but the surprise is that the double perturbation in this also appeared on the mobile phone.


            正面则采用了全面屏设计,相比红米5 Plus,屏占比更高。不过暂时不清楚真机屏幕点亮之后也能保持如此。据悉,红米Note 5采用了5.99英寸显示屏,首发高通骁龙632处理器,4GB内存起步。The front is full screen design, compared with red rice 5 Plus, the screen occupation ratio is higher. But after temporarily clear the screen lit can be so real. It is reported that the red rice Note 5 uses a 5.99 inch display screen, the first Qualcomm Valon 632 processor, 4GB memory start.



            尽管渲染图的真实性,目前还有待进一步确认。但保留额头和下巴的全面屏设计,目前来看较为可信。In spite of the authenticity of the rendering, it remains to be further confirmed. But the full screen design of the forehead and chin is more credible.

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