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            核心提示: 《暗黑3》自2.0版本推出巅峰等级系统以来,玩家除了需要获取梦寐以求的“神装”之外还陷入了无尽的练级时间,...

          《暗黑3》自2.0版本推出巅峰等级系统以来,玩家除了需要获取梦寐以求的“神装”之外还陷入了无尽的练级时间,最直接的现象便是四人组队常年速刷高层大秘境。《暗黑3》现在已知的巅峰等级极限是10000级,今天我们要介绍的便是已经达成极限一半的一位玩家,当然这里说的一半不是5000级而是8000级。Since the "Diablo 3" since the launch of version 2 of top level system, game player in addition to get the coveted God installed "but also in the endless leveling time, the most direct phenomenon is a four person team perennial brush top speed fam. Diablo 3 is now known as the highest level limit of 10000. What we want to introduce today is a player who has reached the limit of half. Of course, half of it is not 5000 level but 8000 level.

          这位玩家的巅峰等级在国服甚至是全球都一直遥遥领先,而最近他成功突破了8000级的大关,从而达成了我们《暗黑3》终极目标的50%。为什么这么说呢?因为1到8000级所需的经验大概是1到10000级经验的一半,也就是说如果他想要到达10000级的话还需要刷取现有的经验才行。The player's peak level has been far ahead of the national costume or even the world. Recently, he has successfully broken through the 8000 level mark, thus achieving the final goal of our Diablo 3 50%. Why do you say that? Because the experience of level 1 to 8000 is probably half of 1 to 10000 level experience. That is to say, if he wants to reach level 10000, he needs to brush up his existing experience.




          首先,巅峰等级允许玩家在达到70级之后继续获得经验,并将该经验投入到对该角色的攻击和防御能力上(就前800级而言)。暗黑设计理念的核心是将时间转化为玩家角色的提升,即使你在给定的游戏时间内没有得到新的掉落。而随着你的装备提升,物品的升级变得越来越慢,这一点就变得尤为重要。这就是为什么巅峰系统(基本上)是无上限的原因。即使你在大秘境中错过了15分钟的时限,但你仍然会获得经验提升巅峰等级。而每次巅峰等级的升级都会让你的下一次秘境之旅变得容易一些。The character of the 8000 level is extremely frightening. In the official website's hero list, we can see that his soul law has 50 thousand + intelligence and 7 million + panel damage. Compared with the 2000 level players, his actual output is just a top two. But even so, Blizzard is still very satisfied with the peak level, which is a bit of a bit out of the mind. The following is the development group's answer to the peak level:
          We are generally satisfied with the performance of the peak system. It has achieved two main objectives:
          First, the peak level allows players to continue to gain experience after reaching the 70 level, and put the experience into the attack and defense ability of the role (for the first 800 levels). The core of the dark design idea is to turn time into a player's role, even if you don't get a new drop in a given game time. And as your equipment increases, the escalation of items becomes more and more slow, which is particularly important. That's why the peak system (basically) is no upper limit. Even if you missed the 15 minute time limit in the fam, but you still can gain experience and improve peak level. Each top level upgrade will make your next trip easier fam.


          我们相信巅峰系统达成了其设计目标,因此我们目前没有计划对巅峰系统进行进一步的更改。Secondly, the peak experience is shared by all roles in the same mode, which encourages you to try all kinds of play and game styles, and also improve your main role. At the same time, you can save a little bit of loss after a powerful expert role is dead.
          We believe that the peak system has achieved its design goals, so we are not planning to make further changes to the peak system at the moment.

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