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            核心提示: 日前,2018LPL春季赛正式拉开了帷幕。揭幕战RNG对阵IG,Y4滑板鞋七进七出,RNG成功斩下IG拿下开门红;第二...



          The day before, 2018LPL spring season officially kicked off. The opener against RNG IG, Y4 shoe seven into seven, RNG successfully cut off IG take off; second SNG against TOP, SNG 2-0 TOP win over significant progress.
          In the second game of SNG match TOP, SNG five people completed the operation with a stopwatch with the help of a wave tower, and finally succeeded in winning the match. They were ridiculed by netizens as "stopwatch team".

          The stopwatch is actually perfect time this rune, after the start of a free record after the stopwatch into post production in the material will be damaged. After.



          这一局开局五人都带着秒表,双方前期算是平稳发育。随后扎克下路配合队友击杀宝石,SNG来到下路,利用自己的四个秒表强行轮流越塔,金身躲掉致命伤害,连斩四人,这波操作简直秀翻了。At the beginning of this game, five people have a stopwatch, which is a steady development. Zach then under way with his teammates to kill gems, SNG came under way, with four more turns his stopwatch forced out of golden tower, fatal injuries, even cut four, this wave of operation simply show up.


          之后双方中路持续展开团战,扎克七进七出战场TOP赢下团战。22分钟,吸血鬼进场爆炸输出,大嘴秒表立功秀了滑板鞋,SNG一波0换2优势扩大。TOP凭借一波双TP暂时逼退SNG,并成功强拿大龙。虽然TOP又抢下远古龙但输了团战,最终SNG一波推掉水晶赢下比赛。After the two sides continue to expand the road team, Zach seven into seven battlefield TOP win teamfights. 22 minutes, vampire into the explosion output, big mouth stopwatch meritorious show skateboard shoes, SNG a wave of 0 to 2 advantages to expand. A double TP TOP with SNG and successfully push back temporarily, with strong dragon. Although TOP grabbed far Cologne but lost the regiment, SNG finally knocked down the crystal and won the game.

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