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          新开合击传奇新演示和截图 人妻月英表演耍大枪

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            核心提示: 《真三国无双8》继续带来了武将的新演示和系统介绍,这次又有5名武将登场,还有开放世界的更多玩法。'Br...

          《真三国无双8》继续带来了武将的新演示和系统介绍,这次又有5名武将登场,还有开放世界的更多玩法。"Bring a new demonstration and system introduced the generals of the Dynasty Warriors 8", the 5 generals and more open stage, play the world.


          开放世界方面介绍了探索·采集的内容,路边的林中有看守台,可以观察周围的情况,得到周边情报,有助于完成任务等探索行为;在远离街道的山林水岳中有提供采集的地点“群生地”在野外放入陷阱箱,经过一段时间的等待可以获得道具,箱子有3种尺寸;城中的护城河还可以提供玩家钓鱼的场所,能够获得素材和钱币;野外可以狩猎狼虎豹这样的生物,通过狩猎可以得到狩猎点,换取东西;通过任务或者击破敌人可以获得竹简,打造武器等。This show in the demo the generals are Britain, Cao Xiu, Zhu Ran, Deng Aihe Yuan Shao, when modeling than "Dynasty Warriors 7" a lot of progress, is still full of our temperament, to enhance the beauty of more than one grade, the weapon is a halberd, swept thousands of army as mat.
          Open world introduces the exploration and collection of content, there is a guard station roadside forest, can observe the situation around, get around intelligence, help to complete the task of exploration; in the mountain water Yue away from the street has to provide the location of the "land acquisition group" into the box through a trap in the wild. Waiting for some time can get props, box has 3 sizes; the city moat can also provide the game player fishing places, can get the material and money; the wild wolf like creatures can hunt Butch, can be obtained through hunting hunting, in exchange for something; get the bamboo slips through the task or break the enemy can build weapons, etc..

          新开合击传奇新演示和截图 人妻月英表演耍大枪

          作者:真三国无双8,新开中变传奇 来源:真三国无双8,新开中变传奇
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