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            核心提示: 虽然《新开传奇网站》的玩家们都喜欢看屁股,但显然他们还是更热爱游戏比赛本身。根据色情网站YouPorn的访问量数据显示,...


          虽然《新开传奇网站》的玩家们都喜欢看屁股,但显然他们还是更热爱游戏比赛本身。根据色情网站YouPorn的访问量数据显示,该网站在《守望先锋》联赛开赛的第一周里出现了访问量急剧下跌的情况。Although players like the new legend website enjoy looking at their butts, it is clear that they love the game itself more. According to the visit data of pornographic website YouPorn, the website showed a sharp decline in the first week of the tournament.

          《守望先锋》电子竞技联赛正在通过各渠道进行直播,观看直播的观众人数累计超过1000万人。与此同时YouPorn表示他们的访问量 - 也就是色情视频的访问量 - 在联赛期间下降了9%。当然,这也有可能是该网站的噱头和炒作,以此吸引游戏玩家访问,毕竟这份访问量数据图是他们自己提供的。"Watch vanguard" electronic competitive league is being broadcast through various channels, and the number of people watching live is more than 10 million people. At the same time, YouPorn said their access - that is, the amount of access to pornography - dropped by 9% during the league. Of course, it may also be the website's gimmicks and hype, in order to attract the game players to visit, after all, this access data map is their own.


          不过游戏玩家和色情视频观众的身份的确有很多重合,比如PSVR很大一部分用户都用来看VR色情视频。仔细看数据的话,YouPorn的访问量下滑幅度最大的时段似乎是旧金山Shock和洛杉矶Valiant之间的对局时段,但整个《守望先锋》联赛进行的这一周里,YouPorn的访问量都很低。But the identities of gamers and pornographic video audiences do have a lot of overlap, such as a large number of PSVR users who use VR pornography. If we look at the data carefully, the largest decline of YouPorn visits seems to be the confrontation between San Francisco Shock and Losangeles Valiant. But during the week of the "watch guard" tournament, YouPorn's visit is very low.


          但色情视频访问量和《守望先锋》赛事之间究竟是否存在直接关联?或许只有大家自己进行相关研究才能找到真相了吧。In fact, in the field of pornography video, "watching the pioneers" is also a popular label. It has CG animation and real cosplay, which can satisfy players' Fantasy in games and games.
          But is there any direct correlation between the access of pornographic video and the competition of watching the pioneers? Maybe only you can do some research on your own to find out the truth.

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