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            核心提示: 由超娱网络独家运营代理的大型Q版2D网游《什么什么大冒险2》重新开服已有一年多之久,冒险世界里的许多小伙伴摸爬滚打到了70级,忽然发现整个人都开始空虚寂寞冷,找不到人生发展方向,一个个都变成了忧郁小...

          由超娱网络独运营代理的大型Q版2D网游《什么什么大冒险2》重新开服已有一年多之久,冒险世界里的许多小伙伴摸爬滚打到了70级,忽然发现整个人都开始空虚寂寞冷,找不到人生发展方向,一个个都变成了忧郁小骚年!为防止大家提前面见真主耶稣,偶就当一下黑暗里的那个电灯泡,指引大家重新回归正途!By the ultra large entertainment network exclusive agent Q version of 2D online games "what Adventure 2" re open service for more than a year ago, the many adventures buddy fought in the world to the 70, suddenly found the whole people began to empty lonely cold, can not find direction in life, one turns a small blue teenager! In order to prevent everyone in advance to meet God Jesus, even when the darkness of the light bulb, guide us to return to the right path!



          小时候,我们常羡慕老师的逆天权利,觉得哪天自己也能当回老师,那整个人生就圆满了!如今满级玩家完全可以通过教(tiao)育(jiao)新手玩家,指引他们一步步走向人生巅峰来圆自己的教师梦。最重要的是,在教育小鲜肉的时候,会有许多趣事发生哦!当然,如果玩家毅力深,还可以计划将所有的冒险玩家都纳入自己麾下,那样整个冒险世界里的玩家都可以任你调配啦!When I was young, we often envy the teacher's guards right, think someday I could be back to the teacher, the whole life perfect! Now full level game player can through the teaching activities (Tiao) (Jiao) novice game player, guide them step by step toward the pinnacle of life to fulfill their dream of teachers. Most importantly, when you educate small meat, there will be many interesting things happening. Of course, if players are strong enough, you can plan to put all the risk players into your own team, so that players in the entire adventure world can be allocated to you.



          《什么什么大冒险2》除了BT,最不缺的就是战斗!满级玩家可以到各种道具,体验每分每秒都与怪物拼杀的极致快感!还可以只身前往冒险迷宫,尝试单独挑战逆天BOSS的惊险刺激!或者寻找明雷,抓取稀有宠物。当然,如果心情不佳,不妨跟低级玩家强制PK,享受碾压别人的无限酸爽!(不过本人不建议这么做),毕竟会影响到其他玩家体验游戏的心情。我们还是提倡和谐游戏的,尽量避免恶意PK等现象。"What Adventure 2" in addition to BT, there is no shortage of battle! The full level game player to various props, experience every minute with the monster fighting pleasure! Can go alone adventure maze, try to separate the challenge BOSS guards thrills! Or find Ming Lei, grab the rare pets. Of course, if you are in a bad mood, you might as well force the PK with the lower class players and enjoy the limitless acid and speed of others. (but I don't recommend this), after all, it will affect other players' experience of the game's mood. We also advocate a harmonious game, as far as possible to avoid malicious PK and other phenomena.



          70级是结束,也是新的开始!许多满级玩家在进入游戏之后,不甘落后,每天狂练等级,以致错过了许多沿途风景。如今玩家既然已经领略顶峰美景,不妨使用重生系统,化成新手,重走一遍冒险路,你一定会发现许多以前不知道的事情,找到许多意外的风景!The 70 level is the end. It's also a new start. Many full scale players are unwilling to lag behind after entering the game, practicing every day, so that they miss many scenery along the way. Now that players have appreciated the beauty of the summit, we should use the rebirth system to become a novice, and go all over the adventure road. You will find many things you didn't know before and find many unexpected scenery.



          风雨同舟,不忘初心!冒险在即,真诚跪求您来搞事情!In addition to the above conjecture, players can also return to technical control, study the distribution of attribute points, how to make the best equipment, and how to become the first person of BT... As long as you think, there's a possibility in "what a big adventure 2"!
          Do not forget the early heart stand together through storm and stress, sincerely beg you! Adventure around the corner, to engage in things!

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