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            核心提示: 东方仙侠网游《蜀缘》已于1月22日开启限量首测!想要体验最原汁原味的东方仙侠韵味,感受...

          东方仙侠网游《蜀缘》已于1月22日开启限量首测!想要体验最原汁原味的东方仙侠韵味,感受刀剑江湖带来的无限魅力,那你千万不能错过这场如梦如幻的仙侠世界!同时还有七大活动助力首测,海量豪礼倾情放送,精美游戏道具等你来赢!Oriental Spiderman online game "Shu Yuan" in January 22nd opened the first test limit! You want to experience the most authentic Oriental fairy charm, feel the infinite charm of the sword arena brings, then you must not miss this dreamlike world of fairy! At the same time there are seven activities help the first test, massive Hao Li portrait run. Fine game props you to win!

          【活动一:做蜀缘元老 领元老福利】

          即日起至2月5日,加入仙缘阁后通过完成仙缘阁颁布的各种任务从而获取仙缘点数。仙缘点数可在删档测试期间用于在仙缘商城购买游戏道具,且游戏道具每天都能够兑换。根据获取仙缘点的不同可以获得不同的仙缘头衔,而头衔可在不删档测试期间获得对应的神秘道具奖励哦。[activity 1: the welfare of the old leader of Shu.
          From now until February 5th, after the court added Xian yuan by completing various tasks issued in order to obtain the Xian yuan Ge Xian yuan. Xian yuan during the deleted file test points can be used to purchase the game props mall in Xian yuan, and game props can change every day. According to the different access points can get different Xian yuan Xian yuan title, mysterious props reward can get the corresponding title during the test does not delete files.


          【活动二:全民来找茬 你提bug我来改】

          测试期间各位道友发现任意bug均可前往论坛 “提bug赢好礼帖子” 处公布您发现的bug,经核实后确认的,可获得官方提供的丰厚游戏道具奖励。需要注意的是发布bug的同时需要以文字配合图片的形式发布,并且附上游戏角色名哦![event two: Universal fault you bug me to change]
          During the testing period, you can see any bug can go to the forum "bug win win ceremony", announce the bug you found. After verification, you can get the official reward of the rich game props. It is important to notice that the release of bug is published in the form of words and pictures, and the role name of the game is attached!


          【活动三:每日登录游戏 赢登录奖励】


          【活动四:游戏攻略大征集 争做蜀缘长老】

          有多少初入蜀缘的萌新玩充满了迷茫与不知所措。这时候就需要各位活跃玩家出场啦!在活动期间撰写游戏相关的攻略以及自己对于游戏的见解,发布在蜀缘论坛—“进阶攻略区”,经审核合格的帖子发帖者均可获得游戏道具奖励![activity three: log in every day to win the login Award]
          During the event the daily log in the game, can be in second days to get a bound gold 100, senior, double X2, Xian small blade forging blade forging large stone X2, Xian Shi X2, small fairy beast stone x2 forging, forging stone x2 large animals lucrative spree!
          [four activities: Games to become a large collection of Shu edge elders]
          How many new game player Sichuan edge adorable is full of confusion and at a loss. At this time, you need active players to play. During the activity, you will write the game related strategy and your own view of the game, and publish it in the Shu Yuan Forum -- "advanced strategy area". The qualified posters can get the reward of game props.


          【活动:晒游戏美图 得分享奖励】

          即日起至1月27日,微信录制游戏小视频,然后发送至朋友圈,将朋友圈截图发送至贴吧活动帖,即可获得丰厚奖励:(绑定金200,精致仙宠口粮x2,普通锻造灵石x5,高级替身草人x5)。各位玩家爱在附上图片之余千万不要忘了写上所属服务器以及游戏角色名哦![event five: in the beauty of the game map sharing bonus]
          From now until January 27th, WeChat recorded a small video game, and then sent to the circle of friends, circle of friends screenshots sent to Post Bar activity posts, you can get rich rewards: (bound gold 200, exquisite fairy pet ration X2, ordinary forging Lingshi X5, senior, double X5). You love in Yuqianwan attach pictures of the game player don't forget to write the game server and the role name oh!


          【活动六:全民冲级 送等级奖励】




          1月22日,《蜀缘》正式开启限量首测!精美游戏画质,让你身临幽幽仙境;三大职业炫酷来袭;激萌仙宠翘首以盼;更有丰富pvp、pve活动等你来挑战![six: National leveling send rank reward]
          National leveling, win luxury grade awards. During the first test, players will be awarded bindings and other game props when they reach level 20, level 30 and 40. The higher the grade, the more rewarding.
          [activity seven: player phone call]
          During the game test, the official will make a phone call to the players from time to time. The players who are lucky enough to participate in the return visit can give their official opinions on the game to the official while rewarding the props at the same time (the spoiled grain ration X2, the ordinary forging Lingshi X2, the binding gold 100).
          In January 22nd, "Shu Yuan" officially opened the first test limit! Fine game quality, let you feel faint wonderland; three big cool struck our occupation; Xian Chong anticipated; more rich in PVP, PVE activities waiting for you to challenge!

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