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          在2018年台北国际电玩展上,由一人独立开发的探险逃脱手游《巷弄探险(Alleys)》引起了媒体的关注。玩将在巨型密室搜寻资源、解开各个关卡障碍、打开出口大门,将在2个月内上架苹果iOS商店。At the 2018 Taipei international video game, an independent exploration of an expedition to the hand tour of "Alleys" caused the media's attention. The player will search for the resources in the giant chamber, unlock the barrier and open the exit gate, and will go to the apple iOS store in 2 months.

          《巷弄探险》是由制作人沈士棋一个人独立开发的游戏,过去几年他在台湾经营设计工作室,为公司、团体提供网站及平面设计的服务,后来因为对游戏开发的热爱,决定踏入独立游戏开发的领域,而《巷弄探险》是他的第一款作品。"Alley" by producer Shen Shiqi exploration one independent development of the game, in the past few years he runs in Taiwan design studio, provide service website and graphic design for company, group, and later because of love for game development, decided to field into independent game development, and the "lane" is his first exploration works.


          在游戏故事中,《巷弄探险》是一套主题乐园所推出的游乐设施,像是一个巨型的密室逃脱游戏,玩家将扮演前来挑战的游客在一个虚构的英式风格旧城镇中探险、搜集资源、解开关卡障碍,逐步发现小巷裡的故事,最后打开出口大门离开游戏。In the story of the game, "Lane exploration" is a theme park which introduced rides like a giant room escape game, game player will play to challenge the tourists in a fictional town in the Old English style exploration, gather resources, unlock levels obstacle, step by step found in alley story finally, open the exit door left the game.

          本作简化了一般解谜游戏的复杂元素,玩家可以专注在搜集资源与寻找通道上,玩家的主要目的是找钥匙、代币以及暗藏密语的卡片等,钥匙将可用于打开通道、箱子等,游戏场景中还有一些打卡机,可以让玩家累积分数。整个游戏过程将在玩家自由选择的解谜方向下进行并没有固定的方式,最后找到逃出游戏的方法。This simplifies the complex elements of puzzle games, game player can focus on collecting resources and find the channel, the main objective is to find the key game player, tokens and hidden phrase cards, keys will be used to open the channel, box, game scene and some play card, can let the game player accumulate points. The course of the game will be free to choose the direction of the puzzle game player is not fixed, and finally find the way out of the game.


          为了制作《巷弄探险》,制作人初次尝试自己写程式、学习 3D 软体,并为游戏配上音效,在超过一年半的开发时间后,游戏于今年开始进行测试及宣传并在台北国际电玩展 B2B 摊位上首次亮相。

          沈士棋提到:「《The Room》是我心中的典范,这款游戏我以它为目标,希望能打造不用过多文字说明也可以让人懂得逃脱游戏。In addition, this is also a feature of producer stressed that the game scene has greatly small "lane" can advance exploration, but not every perspective can be seen, so the game player may be bypassing the various lane, with other viewpoint of mining may miss the place, is a very emphasis on the exploration of escape game.
          In order to make the "Lane exploration", the producer first try to write their own learning 3D programming, software, and games with sound, in more than a year and a half time after the game at the beginning of this year to test and publicity and debuted at the Taipei international game show B2B booth.
          Shen Shiqi said, "The Room" is a typical example in my mind. This game is based on it, and I hope it can be built without too many words, or let people know how to escape. "

          目前游戏接近完工,正开始进行外部测试及细部调整,预计 1 至 2 个月内在 iOS 平台上架,届时预计将支持中文与英文。At the moment, the game is close to completion, and external tests and detailed adjustments are being started. It is expected to be on the iOS platform in 1 to 2 months, when it is expected to support Chinese and English.


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