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          微变传奇sf 战神系列 毫无意义

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            核心提示: 微变传奇sf即将到来的《战神4》代表了这一系列游戏将迎来重大变化,从游戏设定,游戏风格结构...

          微变传奇sf即将到来的《战神4》代表了这一系列游戏将迎来重大变化,从游戏设定,游戏风格结构,角色气质甚至玩法都发生了变化。但尽管如此,这款游戏新作不像许多人早先以为的那样迎来系列重启。相反,这是一次充满野性的风格重塑,在现有的连续性中提供新的游戏风格。The legend of SF is coming. "The Ares 4" will represent a great change in this series of games, which will change from game settings, game style structure, role temperament and even play. But in spite of this, the new game is not a series of restarts that many people thought earlier. On the contrary, it is a wild style remolding, providing a new style of game in the current continuity.


          微变传奇sf 战神系列 毫无意义

          那么,为什么索尼圣莫尼卡的Cory Barlog和他的团队没有抓住机会重启这一系列呢?为什么要坚持现有的连续性?据他们说,这是因为前作中发生的事情是非常重要的,把它全部抛开是没有意义的。So, why Cory Barlog of SONY Santa Monica and his team did not seize the opportunity to restart this series? Why should adhere to the continuity of the existing? According to them, this is because before what is happening is very important, put it all aside is meaningless.

          “这就好比是前作都是背景故事,有人说,你们为什么不重新开始,并带来一个新主角呢?我认为,这就像是一个角色发展的十年。为什么要把以前的扔掉呢?为什么不想看到它会变成什么样子呢?我们和高中时代,大学时代的自己都已经不同了,对吗?然后在我们慢慢步入中年,整个生活也随着改变,我认为奎托斯也是一样的。在第一款游戏中的经历有点像大学岁月:熬夜抱佛脚,考虑事情不周全,就是为了纯粹享受快乐。我认为这很好。这很棒,因为那就是我们想要的。现在,我们回到开发本身,一切都会与众不同。我们每个人都是不同的,我们将所有这些新鲜的想法融入到开发过程中,并以全新的方式来制作游戏,尝试一些不同的东西,但仍然有熟悉感。”"This is just like the background story of the former work. Some people say, why don't you start again and bring a new protagonist? I think it's like a ten year development of a character. Why do you want to throw away before? Why don't want to see what would it look like? We and high school, college have different, right? Then we slowly into the middle, the whole life with the change, I think it is a kind of kratos. In the first game experience is a bit like college years: stay up cramming, consider things is not comprehensive, for the pure joy. I think it's good. That's great, because that's what we want. Now, we go back to the development itself, and everything will be different. Each of us is different. We integrate all these fresh ideas into the development process, and create new games, try different things, but still have familiarity.

          微变传奇sf 战神系列 毫无意义


          该作将在4月20日登陆PlayStation 4。I mean, the word I used in the whole development process is very different. When you play this game, you feel like playing the Ares. It may not be exactly the same, but you feel the soul of the game, the DNA of the God of war, but it just looks different. That is to say, they are visually distinct and different. I think it's hard to do, but I hope we've done it. "

          The work will be landed on PlayStation 4 in April 20th.

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