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          Win10版本支持 ——微软将停 为18个月

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            核心提示: 微软一直在推动Windows 7、8系统升级Windows 10,也逐步停止了对于老系统的技术支持,然而现在不仅仅是这些老系统了,...

          微软一直在推动Windows 7、8系统升级Windows 10,也逐步停止了对于老系统的技术支持,然而现在不仅仅是这些老系统了,甚至是版本老一点的Win10也将会停止受到支持。Microsoft has been promoting the upgrading of Windows 7 and 8 system Windows 10, and has gradually stopped the technical support for the old system. However, now it is not only these old systems, but even the older versions of Win10 will also be stopped.


          Win10版本支持 ——微软将停 为18个月

          据wccftech报道,微软将会在两周内停止对1511版本Win 10的支持,而这个版本更新至今也已经29个月了,这是2015年4月10日微软更新最新安全补丁时推送的版本,而且1511的家庭版此前早已停止了支持,不过微软决定为企业版和教育版的用户延长了后续支持的时间。According to wccftech reports, Microsoft will stop support for 10 of the 1511 version of the Win in two weeks, and this version of the update has been 29 months, this is the April 10, 2015 Microsoft update the latest security patches push version, and 1511 home edition had already stopped, but Microsoft decided to enterprise edition and the educational version of the user's prolonged follow-up support time.

          Win10版本支持 ——微软将停 为18个月
          各版本的“保质期”The "shelf life" of each version

          除此之外,Win 10的周年版,即1607版本也将会在4月10日停止家庭版和专业版的支持,而根据微软年初公布的计划,1067、1703和1709的企业版及教育版用户都会获得6个月的额外支持。In addition, the annual version of Win 10, that is, the 1607 version, will also stop supporting the family edition and professional version in April 10th. According to the plan announced by Microsoft, 1067, 1703 and 1709 of the business and educational users will receive 6 months' additional support.

          微软会在Win 10每个版本推送之后的18个月内持续为家庭版及专业版的用户提供支持,这样的时间限制毫无疑问是为了推动玩家们升级,不知道大家意下如何呢?Microsoft will continue to support users in family edition and professional version within 18 months after the release of Win 10, which is no doubt that this time constraint is to promote players to upgrade. I don't know what you think.

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