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          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型

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            核心提示: FOX的R级猛片《》死侍2》除了从未来穿越的“贱贱”基友电索,还有日后将拍摄独立电影的变种人队伍“非凡...

          FOX的R级猛片《》死侍2》除了从未来穿越的“贱贱”基友电索,还有日后将拍摄独立电影的变种人队伍“非凡特工队”,日前其中一位非凡特工队角色曝光,而且还是首位同性恋变种人“碎星”,由漫威《铁拳》、西游记改编《荒原》性感亚裔男星(法、泰、西、澳混血)Lewis Tan扮演,他通过个人博客曝光了为电影健身所练的造型照。FOX r goes "lost 2" apart from future Deadpool through the "live" bestie electric cable, and will shoot days after the independent film mutant team "special agent team", one day before the special agent team role exposure, but also the first gay mutant "broken stars", by Marvel "iron fist" journey to the west, adaptation of "wasteland" Sexy Asian Actor (law, Thailand, and West Australian) Lewis Tan plays, through his personal blog exposure by practicing fitness as the model for the film.



          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          Lewis Tan

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          泰瑞·克鲁斯的后面即为Lewis Tan扮演的“碎星”The back of Terry Cruz is the "broken star" played by Lewis Tan

          续集中回归的钢力士的演员Stefan Kapicic同样确认了这一消息,看来《死侍2》将作为承载多部变种人电影的大片。第二部正式预告片还出现了泰瑞·克鲁斯扮演的“喧嚣”,可以产生电磁场,干扰电磁设备和人脑,还包括《小丑回魂》男主Bill Skarsgard扮演的非凡特工队的变种人角色。In the sequel return steel Alex actor Stefan Kapicic also confirmed the news, it seems "2" as Deadpool carrying multiple variants of human large film department. Second Department official trailer also appeared in the Terry Cruz play "noise", can produce electromagnetic interference of electromagnetic devices and the human brain, it also includes the role of "Bill Skarsgard" men play special agent team mutants.

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          “碎星”"Broken star"

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          “碎星”与其可以产生震动波的变种人男朋友Rictor"Broken star" and a mutant man friend Rictor that can produce vibrant waves


          这位新加入的同性恋变种人“碎星”,由“贱贱”漫画作者Rob Liefeld打造,所以造型非常相像,“碎星”拥有超级肉体、超级速度、和贱贱一样劈砍剑术,他同样可以再生,而且还可以调节内脏的位置,非常难对付,因为漫画作者计划打造一个“比金刚狼还金刚狼”的超级角色,随后编剧为其加入了一位男朋友Rictor,成为了一名性感的同性恋变种人,他的墨西哥裔男朋友Rictor同样为非凡特工队队员,可以产生震荡波。The new gay mutant "broken stars", created by the "live" comic book writer Rob Liefeld, so the shape is very similar, "broken stars" have super physical, super speed, and live like chopping fencing, he also can be regenerated, and also can adjust the position of the internal organs, very hard to deal with because of the cartoon the author plans to build a "wolverine is Wolverine" super role, then the writers for its entry into a boyfriend Rictor, became a sexy gay mutant, his Mexico born boyfriend Rictor the same as where the non agent team, can produce shock wave.

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          Lewis Tan的漫威《铁拳》醉汉角色“周成”剧照Lewis Tan Marvel's "iron fist" drunk "week" stills role

          据悉,“碎星”隶属Mojo平行世界,他从未来穿越计划对抗多米诺和电索,随后成为非凡特工队创立者,他的男朋友Rictor尚未公布演员。It is reported that "broken star" belongs to the Mojo parallel world. He plans to fight against Domino and cable in the future, and then becomes the founder of the special secret service team. His boyfriend Rictor has not announced the actor yet.

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          多米诺、Bill Skarsgard扮演的可以产生酸液的神秘变种人The mystical mutant that Domino and Bill Skarsgard acts to produce acid

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型
          电索(灭霸演员乔什布洛林扮演)Cable (played by Josh Brolin)

          迷失死侍变种 同性恋人 性感造型

          《死侍2》预定5月18日北美上映,其中的《非凡特工队》独立影片预计明年上映,该片除了贱贱与电索领队,以及X-23、印第安战士Warpath、大天使Archangel、狼人形象的狼毒,还将加入全新演员扮演的金刚狼,敬请期待。"2" is scheduled to Deadpool May 18th North American release, the "special team" independent film is expected to be released next year, the film in addition to cheap and electric cable leader, and X-23, Warpath, chamaejasme Indian fighters Archangel Archangel, werewolf image, will also join the new actor to play wolverine, please look forward to.

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