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When it comes to legend, I believe that the 80 players have the most say, and Legend game is not only called the game, but an era in the hearts of the players, is an important occupation throughout the youth years. If that's not captured Shacheng, never heard of it to Dan and roll, is like a kind of how unbelievable things. And legend, like its name, created a period, and even an era of legend. However, the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, the legend eventually can not withstand the test of time, to the bottom. Although there have been a variety of servers, but compared with the end of the tour more contemporary legend, like an old woman, gradually lost its glory. And legend into the player's heart, who also indelible memories. Today we'll take stock of those legendary pages in your memory.说到传奇,相信80后的玩家最有发言权了,而传奇游戏,不仅仅被称为游戏了,而是玩家心中的一个时代,是占领整个青春岁月里的重要存在。仿佛那个年代没有攻过沙城,没有听过大还丹和回城卷,仿佛是一种多么不可思议的事情。而传奇,正如它的名字一样,缔造了一个时期,乃至一个时代的传奇。但是随时时代的进步,科技的发展,传奇终究抵不过时间的考验,走向了低谷。虽然也曾出现过各种各样的私服,但与更具当代气息的端游相比,传奇就如同一位迟暮的老人一样,逐渐失去了它的辉煌。而传奇变成玩家心中那谁也磨灭不去的一段记忆。今天我们就盘点一下,那些记忆中的传奇类页游。


I believe a lot of game player by Chi Chung Lam to "harassment", game player when entering the site, from time to time will jump out of a body wearing golden armor plump figure, invite you to go with him on tour. And "the legend of BR" is affected by the legitimate authority of the legendary grand web games. From entering the game, game player can understand why "legend" will be genuine authorized. We can say that it is the legend of the "copy" version, in the game is a "authentic" legend, the game perfectly inherited the classic set once, really bring out the same experience when the game player, and the use of new high-quality mode in the game, lets play the family action more natural. Vivid, and the design of monsters are more vivid, and the game focuses on the sounds of the game made a detailed drawing more heighten the atmosphere of the game, the entire game production of fine, large scale scene. At the same time, smooth cool fighting experience, can be the game player back in the past years, if the game player to evoke once blood, might as well pull the former brother, in a hearty Battle City Beach!相信很多玩家都被林子聪给“骚扰”过,玩家在进入网站的时候,时不时就会跳出一个身穿身黄金铠甲胖乎乎的人物,邀请你一起与他开启霸业之旅。并且《传奇霸业》是受盛大正版授权的传奇网页游戏。从进入游戏时,玩家可以明白为什么《传奇霸业》会被授权正版。可以说它是当年传奇的“复制”版本,在游戏中就是一款“原汁原味”的传奇,游戏中完美继承了曾经的经典设置,着实带给玩家当出同样的体验,并且在游戏中采用了全新的高品质模式,让玩家的动作更加的自然,生动,并且对野怪的设计也更加的生动形象,并且游戏重点对游戏的音效做了相当细致的刻绘,更加烘托出游戏的气氛,整个游戏的制作精美,场景规模宏大。同时畅爽的战斗体验,都能将玩家的思绪拉回到曾经的岁月中,如果玩家想要唤起曾经的热血,不妨拉上昔日的兄弟,在比奇城中来一场酣畅的战斗吧!


By playing game operators "Legends of the world", make a change in the game, the game to game player brings a strong view of the world, and in the production of the game, combined with China myths and legends, and joined the new BOSS play, make the game more close to modern, relationships with two Games the game player to bring fresh experience, and screen design in the game more prominent is exquisite, in the design of the above, not only for the construction of the atmosphere, and the color effect of the use of a detailed, realistic scenes and the details of the control are compared with any other game. At the same time in the game did not see Caton's phenomenon, making the game more smooth picture. "Legends of the world" in the entire game played with the original legend has great changes, but still retains the main original ideas, also make the game a more fun and more, and also make the game full of exploration. Is a rare masterpiece.由贪玩游戏运营的《传奇世界》,在游戏的玩法上做了改变,游戏中给玩家带来了强大世界观,并且游戏在制作的时候,与中国的神话传说相结合,并且加入了新的BOSS打法,让游戏更加的接近现代,二游戏中加入的各种关系,也给玩家带来了新鲜的体验,并且游戏中的画面设计上更加突出的是精致,在对建筑的设计上面,不但大气,并且对颜色运用的效果相当的细致,逼真的场面和对细节的把控都是其他游戏中所不能相比的,同时在整个游戏中丝毫看不见卡顿的现象,使得游戏的画面更加的流畅。《传奇世界》在游戏的整个玩法上与原来的传奇有着较大的改变,但是还是保留了原有的主要思路,也让游戏更加的具有更多的可玩性,并且也让游戏充满了探索性。是一款不可多得的佳作。


Speaking of Jimmy Lin, think of a game player is synonymous with the old legend, and in "where Dad and son" is the rub of the heat, fire up again, and the Jimmy Lin endorsement "of sand" in the game, with a new first double hero model, and with the combination of skills, let game player combat more smooth cool, and make up for the game player before can only choose a role of regret in the game, and the game in the traditional Sabac city as the game's theme, mainly focus on combat experience and fight scenes in the game, and the game let the game player feel the hitherto unknown sense of the operation. And in the game, the role of double matching, but also allows players in the battle with a more visual impact. While the reincarnation system in the game is the game features, can be carried out continuously on reincarnation game player itself, the same second occupation can also be reincarnated, the double role game player more powerful, make the greatest efforts to improve the combat capability and the game player hurt. The game's unique dual hero features and gameplay features, has a great change in the traditional system, also let the game player feel a different legend, the game broke the traditional play, free of the constraints, the classical reservation, and joined the very trend of the play, bring a strong and out of the ordinary the Legend of the world to the game player.说起林志颖,玩家想到的一定是不老传奇的代名词,而在《爸爸去哪儿》中又是蹭了儿子的热度,再次火了起来,而由林志颖代言的《攻沙》,在游戏中采用了全新首创的双英雄模式,并且配合组合技能,让玩家战斗更加的畅爽,并且在游戏中也弥补玩家之前只能选择一种角色的遗憾,游戏还有以传统的沙巴克城作为游戏的主旨,游戏中主要注重战斗的体验和打斗的场景,并且在游戏中更让玩家感受到前所未有的操作感。而在游戏中双角色的搭配,也让玩家在战斗中更加的具有视觉冲击感。而在游戏中的转生系统是游戏的特色,不断可以对玩家自身进行转生,同时对于第二个职业同样可以进行转生,使得玩家的双角色更加的强大,尽最大的力度来提高玩家的伤害和战力。游戏独特的双英雄特点和特色玩法,在传统的系统上有着巨大的改变,也让玩家感受到一个不一样的传奇,游戏打破了传统的玩法,挣脱约束,对经典做了保留,并且加入了相当潮流的玩法,给玩家带来了一个强大而与众不同的传奇世界。

No matter what kind of legend of the game, all cannot do without ever subject, it is because the original success, before the emergence of a variety of legendary games, these games bring different feelings to the game player, whether it is still fresh, miss, is the legendary game player Ken, and for the original the classic game player, you can do is miss. In this game who want to occupy the city game player, choose a game about buddy, opening a belong to your legendary battle in the battlefield!无论哪种传奇类的游戏,都离不开曾经的主题,也真是因为当初的成功,才出现了各种各样的传奇类游戏,这些游戏给玩家带来了各种不同的感受,无论是怀念,还是新鲜,都是玩家对传奇的肯定,而对于当初的经典,玩家现在能做的只有怀念。那些想要在游戏这种占领沙城的玩家,何不选择一款游戏,约上小伙伴,一在沙场中开启一场属于你们的传奇之战吧!


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