Remember the 1.80 you 1.85 you will be launched by the 1.85 sweep you, as you explore the 1.80 series of 1.85 classic heroes, remarkable influence! As a mountai

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1.85 you although the game is a big game, but I know there are many 1.85 heroes punch the game player, because the game is the endorsement of Jay Chou, Jay Chou

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很多人认为传奇敏捷装备没用,都喜欢穿着攻击装备,实际上敏捷装备并不是没用,只是我们没有将其用在正确的地方,导致敏捷装备不能发挥威力,穿着敏捷装备pk可以将对手的大部分攻击闪避掉,避免血量数值掉得非常快。 传奇群战的时候可以通过喝红药将血量恢复过来,大群敌人围攻我们的时候,我们需要拼死反抗,给队友创造较大的机会秒杀对手,

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